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Off-ice training has always been an integral part of the training and development of skaters. Jump technique has been taught to replicate the movements and actions on the ice. The value of off-ice training is both technical and strength building. Maintaining the tactical advantages of off-ice training is needed, yet we must ask if the approach can be further explored.

4D Skating Revolution is focused on optimizing jump training techniques that improve quality and skills while reducing repetitive stress impact. This changed focus is centered on body preservation and skater longevity while showing tangible positive results. Developing skaters with quality jump mechanics, improved muscle memory and reduced impact training will allow the skaters to reach higher goals while mitigating the potential for overuse injuries.

The 4D Skating training programs are multi-faceted spanning the range from teaching swizzles to triple-axel. Through the unique set of exercises using the 4D Slideboards, skaters learn better body position and technique through a frame-by-frame approach of teaching jumps. By reverse engineering the mechanics of every jump, 4D Skating has been able to target specific movements that will enable the successful completion of jumps.

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See more training and drills on our Youtube channel at: http://www.youtube.com/user/GoalerOne.