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G1 Slide Boards is proud and excited to present to you the most versatile lateral training products in the world today… The G1 Slide Board! We have spent years researching muscle development techniques that strengthen and develop the bodies largest muscle groups in order to bring you the most effect training product available on the market today.

G1 Slide Boards offers the most detailed core training and conditioning the world has ever seen! Our products and concepts are for real and we have changed the way a Slide Board is utilized in everyday workouts. Everyone and anyone can prepare and develop within their sport or activity.

Be sure to watch our product video prior to slideboard use. Have fun and train safe on your G1 Slide Board Training System.

Some quick tips to keep in mind while preparing for exercise...

Select Your Training Area:
Flat - clean surfaces are required. Low matted carpet works very well. Hard surfaces are also fine as long as they are swept clean. Rubber matting found in a weight room or locker-room is the very best and will keep the slide board from shifting at all. The slideboard will also work very well on pavement and patio flooring should you choose to work outside as long as the surface is swept clean.

Your slideboard will slip if dirt is under the slide board!

Unrolling Your Slide Board:
When removing the bands from your G1 Slide Board Training System and unrolling onto your surface, be sure you have a wide-open area the first time through. Get to know how your new slideboard reacts when you open it. When opening, the G1 “logo” is located on the top-sliding surface of the slide board.

Note the orientation of the G1 Slide Board Training System when unrolling. If you choose to re-roll the slideboard for storage/transportation, do so with the logo of the slideboard facing downward, then roll for storage/transportation. This prevents upward "curling" during storage. Be sure to always clean the slide board before rolling.

Dress Your Slide Board for Exercise:
Furniture polish works great to dress the slide board and you can control the slickness of the slideboard. Applying the polish to a soft cloth first will allow you to dress the slide board with much more control than if you apply the polish directly to it. Go easy, very little is needed. To maintain the slide board properly, apply more polish as needed.

Maintaining And Cleaning The Top Surface of Your Slide Board:
Proper use and maintenance will keep the surface in great condition. Be sure your shoes are clean prior to applying the over the shoe G1 Footwear to exercise. Should you be required to clean your surface, use a mineral spirit or a mild soap with hot water.

* You may need to apply more polish to the surface after cleaning. *

Check the bottom of your G1 Slide Board Training System prior to use each time. If you have dirt build-up underneath, clean your area. If dirt is stuck to the bottom of the slideboardt, simply use warm/hot water and a cloth to clean the bottom of it. DO NOT USE CLEANERS. They could make the bottom of the surface slick and eliminate the proper traction that is required.

Do not walk on the surface of the slideboard with wet or dirty shoes. Clean, dry shoes will not damage the slideboard, however, walking on the G1 Slide Board Training System without G1 Footwear covering your shoes will both attract dirt and dull the surface of the slide board.

Slideboard Storage, Travel/Carry Bag:
Our patented G1 Carry Bag allows you to train with convenience regardless of location. Our portable training products are easy to store when not in use or carry when you travel. Storing Your Slide Board For A Long Period: The G1 Slide Board and components are made of the very best impact resistant plastics in the world today. They are very durable and user friendly but do require proper maintenance and storage. If you plan to store the product for a long period of time, clean the product well before rolling, top and bottom. Remember, hot water on the bottom, mineral spirits or a mild cleaner for the top surface if needed. Completely wipe the surfaces dry before rolling. Store in a dry area and allow for temperatures above 50 degrees for long periods of time.

Insert G1 Endstops and Rotating Disc Components To Begin Training:
To insert, adjust or remove the Patented G1 Endstop or Rotating Disc components, use the front or heel of your foot to tap into desired keyhole location. It is recommended that you have flat shoes or sneakers on during this procedure as well as during exercise to avoid injury. Line up the insert buttons on the bottom of the Endstop or Disc with the desired row of keyholes. When adjusting the Endstops to your desired exercise distance, be sure that the button snaps are closest to the user’s foot during exercise.

** In order to fully dislodge the Endstop or Disc you must shake it a little to remove from the keyhole design. **
** Excessive Force Is Not Required. **
** Practice These Procedures Prior To Product Use. **

Warning: It is not recommended to exercise at a fast pace when utilizing the Disks for exercise. The Disk will spin if the athlete does not push off with a perfected lateral thrust.

Product Care Videos