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Fitness Slide Boards

Slideboards are an integral tool for all fitness training. They offer variety, develop muscle groups that are difficult to work using traditional training methods, and help you to develop strength AND flexibility. Using a slideboard will improve hip stability and strength, build your core muscles, increase your stamina and improve your balance.

Slideboard training can shake up your training routine and give you the variety you crave, keeping you from becoming bored and getting off-track. Unlike many training apparatuses, slideboards are great for all ages and are easy to transport and store as needed.

^ See the G1 Slideboard in action!

A slideboard routine is a great cardio workout that is low impact and a great way to burn excess calories. Slideboard routines can be as easy or as difficult as you want to make them, and as you progress, you can integrate additional tools such as pushup bars or balance trainers.